A while ago I was casually scrolling through my instagram feed when I got an ad for a beautiful t-shirt. It was white with little “worms” in all sorts of colours on it. I decided to check out the page the ad came from and instantly fell in love with the clothes I saw. The page belonged to¬†Mokuyobi. So when Black Friday came around I took my chance and ordered two t-shirts from them. Today I got them in the mail, so I’ll be doing a short review.


Mokuyobi is a clothing brand based in Los Angeles, USA. They make super rad clothing and accessories with fun prints and designs and honestly? Everything they make is to die for. I’m currently saving up for one of their watches and backpacks. I say saving up, because their items are quite pricey. But I understand that that’s because they manufacture everything in the USA and because it’s original designs. I don’t know about you, but I’m more than willing to pay extra for the unique.


I ordered 2 t-shirts: the Noodle Doodle tee and the Jan Casper tee. I wanted to order more but my budget wouldn’t allow that, sadly. I am subscribed to Mokuyobi’s newsletter and thus I got a 20% discount code as a subscriber, for the pre-sale of Black Friday. Ordering was easy and went smoothly. So then I just had to wait for the package to arrive. Coming from the USA, I knew it would take longer. In the end it took about 3 weeks to arrive. I did have to pay a customs fee, but I usually have to do so when ordering from the USA so I knew that beforehand.

The shirts were packaged in a regular shipping plastic bag, or whatever you’d like to call those. It’s those plastic shipping bags clothes always come in. If you ever bought clothes online, you know what I’m talking about. Anyways, when I opened it I saw they included gifts! I was honestly so happy with that. They included stickers, a Mokuyobi enamel pin & one of my fave candy! Also the cards they included with information also looked super nice, so that was definitely a plus.


I ordered both tees in large because I’m tall and I like tees with a loose fit. The material feels nice and gentle. Thin, but not of bad quality. Not at all, actually. The tees feel like they’re high quality. The fit is also really nice. The length is perfect (even though I tucked them into my jeans) and so is the amount of bagginess I had hoped for. The colours are super bright (just how I like ’em) and absolutely stunning. Now let’s just hope my washing machine won’t fuck them up.


I’m very satisfied with my order, from start to finish, and I’m super happy that I found out about this brand. I think their designs are one of a kind and definitely suit my daily style (which is wearing so many colours people’s eyes start to burn). I will definitely be buying from them again (I have an entire wishlist by now) and I recommend this brand to all those who want to spice up their wardrobe with some colour.