So, you need words. Well, I got ’em!

I like putting words together, whether it’s for a blog, a news article, poetry or fiction. I’m currently at the point in my life where I’m creating a lot of content and am looking for homes for my work. I’ve written guest blogs and have contributed as a writer to other websites. 

Some small pieces of fiction or poems have been published in other places and I’m working on publishing bigger pieces of poems and fiction. At the moment I’m working on various comic scripts and am looking for artists to blow life into these stories. I need funding for this however, so I’m also working on that. Below you can find my my work and my current projects. 

This is where I work my magic

Published work:

Featured in:

Work in progress:

  • Poetry chapbook “chloroplasts”
  • Comic “Halifax Hutch: Uncanny Death Sentence”: About an alien who becomes Earth’s number 1 unknown mystery detective.
  • Comic “Valero”: about a group of aliens attempting to solve a centuries old conflict with a neighbouring planet
  • Comic “The Resilient”: about the dangers of eugenics

Projects scheduled for the near future:

  • Comic “Meteora”: about an autistic astronaut who becomes a whole different type of space hero after her spaceshuttle explodes.
  • Comic “Meltdown”: about a non-binary high schooler whose collision with a space rock changes adds a new layer to ‘finding who you are’.
  • Poetry book “homemade acrylic”