The year is coming to an end, so as is tradition, I will make a blog post where I sum up all the things that happened in 2018. And this year a lot of things, happened to there’s plenty to talk about.

Time to adult?

2018’s theme was graduation and moving into the next phase of life. In February I started on my graduation report and last November I finally graduated. It hadn’t been easy, but I did it, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I also got a full-time job at what I think is quite possibly the most fun marketing agency in the world. I love the job and love my colleagues, so it doesn’t really feel as work. It does feel weird though, to be a working “adult”. Somehow the past few years went by really fast and I’m not sure if I know what I’m doing. But I’m making it work.

Travel, travel & more travel

2018 was the last year I had my free student public transport card, so naturally I combined this with the fact that I hardly had classes. I travelled lots through the county and met with many friends. 

But I didn’t just stay in the country. I went to London Comic Con, which was my third time attending that. It kind of sparked my love for cosplay again and motivated me to finally make my first cosplay. Previously I would buy or commission them, but now I wanted to make one myself. And I did. I wore my Scarecrow cosplay during Dutch Comic Con and got so many compliments! It really made me happy,

I travelled even further and went to Moscow, Russia with my younger brother during the Summer. I loved the city and spending time with my brother was great. Travelling is something I love and I hope I can continue in 2019.

Getting creative

Apart from getting creative with cosplay, I started exploring my abilities to create things. I told myself to write a poetry book in 2018. Not publish it, just write it. And I did so. I still have to finis things up, but most poems are in a word document right now. I do plan on publishing it, I’m just not sure how yet. 

Apart from writing, I also went back to visual media. I started creating videos again and started spending more time with my camera to take photo’s as well. I do really hope to continue this in 2019 if time allows it.

Lastly, I tried out acting. I did a few small jobs but eventually realised that I wasn’t qualified enough and not motivated enough to follow more lessons. So I let that go. But it was fun to be an extra, though! And I’m proud of myself for trying.

Welcome to the exciting world of me

2018 was also the year where I started becoming myself more. The past couple years I became more and more myself and found my style. But this year I decided to let go of all fear and just 100% be myself. To accomplish this I had help from a psychologist to help me deal with my self-esteem issues. Because the winter of 2018 had been extremely rough, with many very heavy depressive episodes and suicidal thoughts. I’m doing much better now, though, and I’m showing it. I found my style, started wearing face paint simply because I think it looks fun. I stopped suppressing my tics and odd habits. When I listen to music in public I’ll dance along and playback and move my head without caring if people are staring. Basically, I stopped trying to be something I’m not, and it’s the best thing I’ve done in years. People accept me, and if they don’t they’re simply not worth my time.

So what will 2019 bring for me? Well I’m hoping to get that poetry book finished. I hope my webstore will grow more. I’m saving up for a car and I’m hoping to move out of my student flat and get my own place. I’m just excited to fully transition into an independent adult life, although I don’t view myself as an adult yet. 2018 has been a rollercoaster, and I hope that 2019 will give me room to finally breathe and flourish.

What about you? What are your hopes for 2019?